Suzhou yonglian tourist area,  is located near the Yangtze river and in the northeast corner of zhangjiagang city, the economic hinterland of the Yangtze river delta. It is well known as "the hometown of China's river delicacies", "the most attractive leisure village in China" and "jiangsu five-star rural tourism area". Suzhou yonglian scenic area is divided into yonglian town and suzhou jiangnan agricultural culture park.

Yonglian town, both jiangnan characteristics and leisure life town. Yonglian exhibition hall, golden finger sculpture and yonglian conference hall in the town vividly tell the story of the birth, development and innovation of yonglian village. Jiangxian food street vividly shows the delicious food culture of jiang, and allows visitors to taste the delicious food of jiang. Yonglian fishing center, is a good place to experience rural leisure life; Love and mutual aid street, is a local 100 letter happy street, into which, is a thick taste of happiness inadvertently flowing.

Suzhou jiangnan agricultural culture park, as the largest agricultural culture theme park in China, reproduces beautiful rural scenery and simple rural life. In the park, you can watch interesting animals show piglets diving, cormorant fishing, can experience the traditional charm of the old cattle pulling carts, workshop skills, can feel the charming water sculling, jiangnan wedding customs.

"Village tourism to yonglian, yonglian return not to see the village." Suzhou yonglian tourism scenic spot has developed into a set of tourism, leisure vacation, food shopping, conference business and other functions as one of the rural leisure tourism scenic spot, and with its unique rural charm to attract tourists from all over the world.

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Address: yonglian village, nanfeng town, zhangjiagang city

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